Tickle your faith in style with this nifty piece from Logos Trading Post! A delightful First Communion Gift 🎁 that is more than just a lovely memento, it is a handcrafted piece of faith. This wooden cross for girls and boys is carefully carved from olive wood harvested from the sacred city of Bethlehem. Ah! Can you smell the divine?🌳 Each cross tells a unique story, with its grains echoing the melodic lullabies and whispers of an ancient city.

But hey, check this out! There's a cheeky medallion smack in the center of the cross that adds a sprinkle of thematic bling✨. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, making sure you're holding a genuine piece of the Holy Land close to your heart. But, it's not all business over here...we've tucked a First Communion insert in the mix that is loaded with a tender Bible verse and prayer. Ooh la la! 📜

Here's the cherry on top - this handcrafted treasure comes boxed in a sturdy, hard-shell gift box, so it can endure the wilderness of any mail route. Each cross is perfectly shaped to snuggle in the palm of your hand, helping to build a bridge of peace between you and your faith.🌉

“Never before have I felt so close to my faith! says Tommy Turnip of Tumbleweed, Texas. I didn't know something so small could have such a big impact on my prayer life. 🙏

So, come and be a part of this timeless tradition of handheld crosses - treasured by generations for nurturing faith, fostering focus during prayers, and spreading peace in all life situations. Because peace, my friends, never goes out of style! ✌️

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