Who says humor and faith can't go hand in hand? If you're both a humor enthusiast and a devout Christian, this hilarious and heavenly Bible Emergency Numbers T-Shirt is the answer to your fashion prayers! 🙏

Adorned with a holy bible in all its glory, this shirt carries an unforgettable and ingenious 'Bible Hotline' print. Put on this tee during stressful times and you'll be reminded of Matthew 11:25-30. Feeling a bit down? Matthew 6:19-24's got your back! 👊 And if you're feeling lonely, just take a glance at Psalm 23 on your tee. This cleverly designed shirt even got covered if you're bitter or losing hope—just dial up 1 Corinthians 13 or Psalm 139. Who needs a speed-dial feature when you got God on your shirt-dial, right?

But wait, there's more! In case you're feeling blue, John 14's cuddly comforting words will cheer you up. And don't you worry about having sinned, Psalm 51 is there to wash away your guiltiness. And hey, if you're in danger, sick, hurt, or feel betrayed, Psalms 91, 41, 27, and Gentle John 15 are there to aid your soul. This T-shirt assures you 24/7 help - no toll needed, no hold music, and definitely no dropped calls! 📞

Real fake review: I gave this shirt to my pastor for his birthday, and he laughed out loud in his sermon! – Reverend Chuckles

Perfect birthday gift for the cheeky Christian in your life or anyone who smiles at the intersection of gospel humor, this divine tee is sure to turn heads at Sunday brunch, Bible study groups, or prayer meetings. It's also an ideal present for the spouse, be it husband or wife, who rehearses sermon jokes in their sleep, or for the Sunday school teacher who moonlights as a stand-up comic.

In sum, this Bible Emergency Numbers Tee is perfect for those who love Jesus, the Holy Bible, and a holy belly laugh! 😇

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