Twirl your tassel and prepare for a leap of faith! 🎓

Hop into an enchanting journey of faith with our pocket-sized, Scripture Memory and Daily Devotional set! Perfectly tailored for students and young adults, these bear the brilliant gems of wisdom every soul, not just kids, should cherish.

These Christian Easter Basket treasures are not your regular egg-shaped trinkets, oh no! 🐣 They're on a mission to bring a slice of the Good Book wherever you might roam. No more fumbling through pages or squinting at tiny text - a quick flip of one of the 20 easy-to-use scripture cards will instantly enlighten your day.

This remarkable set is the perfect mate for our modern-day disciples, college scholars, or freshly minted high school grads. And wouldn't you know, they make a fantastic gift for those stepping boldly into the new world of adulthood with a confirmation! 🕊️

Packaged with 💗, each card features persuasive, uplifting verses cherry-picked from the NIV and ESV Bibles. They bestow a soothing lullaby for the soul or a rousing wake-up call for the spirit, adaptable to whichever the hour demands.

As Billy Bob from Big Horn, WY lovingly says, These ain't just flashcards, they're flash-and-dash-cards. The perfect Go Forth ignition for my grandkid's faith! Ain't nothing like seeing him whip out a card faster than a greased pig. 🐷

But, don’t just take Billy Bob’s word for it. Jeannie from Walla Walla, WA, quipped, I sent these as a graduation gift. I got an A+ in gift-giving – and I didn’t even have to study! 🍎

Perfectly portable, these cards can accompany you wherever life’s journey takes you - in your back pocket, nestled in a textbook or slipped inside a kiss-filled letter home. For the young or the young-at-heart, these Christian gifts are a splendid companion in life's quest for wisdom and spiritual peace. 🙏

Graduation, Confirmation, or Just Because, this set of 20 bite-sized inspirational boosters is the ideal ticket for a faith-filled ride! Enjoy the journey, and Go Forth! 🌈

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