Roll up, roll up, ladies and gents, I present to you the NIV Ultimate Bible for Girls, the Faithgirlz edition - but not as you know it! 😊 Trust me girls, this isn’t twee; it is the ‘ultimate' in the truest sense.

Imagine a book that treats you as the unique, splendid being you are – well, this Bible does just that and more! Packed to the rafters with features that light up the inner you and the world around you, this Bible lets every tween girl in on the greatest secret - God's story is also your story.

Let's traverse this enchanting hardcover vehicle with me:

Oh look! Each book announces itself with its own distinct introduction—the who's, the when's, the where's, and of course, all the delightful what’s! This comes in handy when navigating the pages of this magical book.

Wait, there’s more! Fancy stepping into the shoes of biblical folks? Well, with 'Dream Girl', simply employ your imagination and – poof! – you’re in the story. Alice in Wonderland has nothing on this! raves imaginary reviewer Jane S.

Allow me to dish more delicious details! There's 'Is There a Little (Eve, Ruth, Isaiah) in You?' where you uncover exciting bits of yourself you never knew existed! “I found my inner Ruth!” enthuses Caroline M., a fictitious 12-year-old fan.

The Words to Live By feature gets you on the biblical phraseology train 🚂, helping you memorize vital verses. Just imagine tossing them into your daily conversation like confetti, your friends will be amazed!

Pay attention now, tweens! The ‘Oh, I Get It!’ section dissects those tricky Bible questions that leave you scratching your head. This handy guide has an answer at the ready, just like that. Now you'll never be left in the lurch!

Now, juice up your imagination with What Happens Next? Fun, isn’t it? Taking familiar stories and rewriting them with your own dramatic spin? Sounds like an adventure already!

And here’s the headline – the much-loved and crystal-clear NIV translation! Approved and continually reviewed by our band of scholars, it ensures you enjoy over 50 years of their diligent work. It's a translation for our times, keeping the Bible accessible and relevant.

Melinda, a nonexistent reader, adores its vibrant, two-color interior and the drop-dead gorgeous cover. Oh, every tween girl will love this, she assures, going on to add that, Nancy Rue's features sprinkle the Bible with added charm, just like a cherry on top!

And you know what else? With every purchase of the NIV Ultimate Bible for Girls, you’re backing Biblica’s mission to deliver Bibles to folks who need them across the globe. Great read and great deed! 😇

This ain’t Nana’s NIV girls; this is the NIV Ultimate Bible for Girls. It’s got Faithgirlz’ fingerprints all over it, and it's waiting to step into your curious, young hands. So strap on your explorer’s hat, tighten your shoelaces, and embark on that journey! 🕵️‍♀️📚✨

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