Introducing, not one... not two… BUT a four-piece set! 🥁 Four for the price of one! Are you ready for this? Your eyes won't believe the magnificence they're about to behold! 🤩

Feast your eyes on the First Holy Communion Boy Missal, Rosary, Box and Lapel Pin package. Lovingly nestled inside a fortress of protective packaging. Alas, no dragons to slay here, my friends! Only the final boss of all gift sets, perfect for making someone's special, ahem! day even more... special! 🎉

Our set is all fun-sized, measuring approximately 10.5 x 8.25, making it the perfect contraband for your surprise-gift attack. 🎁

First up, the Holy Boy Missal – a spiritual equivalent of 'Holy Batman!’ Next, we have bejeweled Rosary, so you can add a little divine bling-bling to your daily prayers! 💎

Then, a secret keeper like no other – a Box that promises to hold all your sacred treasures, or maybe just the Rosary and the Missal. And last but not least, the Lapel Pin! Show them you're part of the holy league, adding a dash of divine style to your jackets or shirts.

The reviews are in! And oh, would you look at this!

St. Peter himself gave it 5 stars! He says, 'This is heaven approved, my friends!' 😇

Even the Grumpy Cat gave it a purr-fect score, saying 'It's not terrible. I didn't hate it.' 😼

This First Holy Communion Set is here to turn ordinary days into holy days, one Rosary bead (and Lapel Pin) at a time. It's more than just a gift, it's a divine experience for your special someone. Start your holy journey today! 🚀

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